I am a graphic designer who's heart beats for the creative aesthetic.

I am! Mudasir Nazar

Graphics designing is the field where you able to play with colors without having your hands dirty, I choose that field in 2008 when my friend Ali Raza was working on his photos in front of me and I was really surprised how good that was immediately I ask my friend to copy that software on my computer as well and that time I even don’t know how to install that thing, that’s the moment where the journey begins.

I always try to find something I really love to do and I work hard to see that I do it well. I cannot ignore the fact that there is still a whole world of knowledge yet to learn and personally, I cannot wait to get started and am searching for ways to learn. Photoshop is my main program, but I am eager to learn the other essential programs needed for this career and would love to learn on the job from professionals.

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